A selection of IGLOO / DOMES you might have seen

FEB 2019

Should you be in the Financial part of our great LONDON City E14 4AX

Then you'll be able to enjoy one of SIX of The GARDEN Igloo /The DINING Dome, at this wonderful Thames front venue, depending on time of year. Visit www.drakeandmorgan.co.uk for up to date information, menus and what's on.


Giving the term Glamping a whole new meaning & feeling, from BESTIVAL to GLASTONBURY, they will be this years 2019 "Must Have" Outdoor accessory

If you want The GARDEN Igloo as part of your set up (Business or Pleasure) we recommend you reserve and buy yours early. Call us or Email hello@thegardenigloo.co.uk


The COPPA CLUB @ Sonning on Thames & their Tower Bridge London Restaurant, were one of the first to Introduce The GARDEN Igloo / The DINING Dome. They're perfectly placed in prime spots on the River Thames, usually between October & April. Due to there popularity, booking in advance is often the rule. www.coppaclub.co.uk  for Events and Menus



SEPT 2019

image1 (3).JPG

The AUTUMN / WINTER season is upon us and we're exhibiting at the  www.landscapeshow.co.uk  This event at Battersea London is a pinnacle DESIGNER event, with high end companies, all showing off to LONDON'S FINEST

Niely and the Ladies will be on hand to discuss your VENUE, Companies and EVENT ideas for the next 12 months


Winter 2019 / 2020

PR - Winter Dining.jpeg

This Autumn / Winter 2019, you'll be able to DINE and see the STARS from various PUBS / BARS & RESTAURANTS here in the U.K and Fine Eateries across the WORLD Inc: New York / Chicago / Budapest /  Singapore / China and virtually everywhere... ENJOY, we know you will.


OCT &NOV 2019

Xmas Fair Windsor.jpeg

www.taylorforddesigns.com is the parent company to The GARDEN Igloo. Taylor Ford are a well established company operating across the Home Counties of Berkshire and West London, providing and designing high end designer led Landscape projects. In 2017 they introduced The GARDEN Igloo to a wide section of private Homes and businesses across the U.K (In Particular) those forward thinking Bars Restaurants / Hotels and Venues who wanted to maximize their footfall and develop their outside spaces for that all year round WOW affect The GARDEN Igloo / Dining Dome, will offer you or your business something, unique, special, enjoyable and definitely memorable.... for many months and in the years ahead. Come See at at a variety of CHRISTMAS Events & FAIRS, across the U.K. Come and say hi and discuss what's best for you at home and how our IGLOO / DOMES will seriously increase your businesses PROFITS